For Course Owners

Join our growing list of happy course owners receiving their score cards totally FREE!

The way our program works is that we will provide score cards for your club once a year. This is totally free to you, from designing to printing to shipping. All you have to do is provide us with all the necessary information to include like address, phone number, any logos, photos, your course layout, etc.

Our graphic design department will design your score card unless you already have a certain design you would like us to simply continue with. In the meantime our sales team will contact businesses in your area with an opportunity to advertise on your score cards for one year. When we have completed the advertising portion of the program and the design work is done you, as the course owner, will receive a score card proof for approval. At this time we will work with you to make any changes you may need until the score card meets your approval. Once they have been approved we will print your new score cards in-house at no charge to you!

We’ll provide you with the number of cards you need for the season and a few months before the year is up we will contact you to start preparing the next season’s card. And so the process repeats. If this free score card opportunity is of any interest to you and you would like more information or have any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wee look forward to hearing from you and helping meet your score card needs…FREE!